Welcome, dog owners!

Penny's Dog Walking is a dog walking service based in Melrose, Massachusetts. 

We pride ourselves on providing reliable, caring, all-weather service at a reasonable price. 

Having a team of walkers gives your dog the consistency of a regular schedule, while allowing for reliable coverage in the event of your walker's vacation or sickness - as well as more flexibility and a wider availability of time slots that meet your needs.

When you allow someone to care for your pet, and access your home, you need the peace of mind that comes with working with people you can trust. All our walkers are local residents, involved in the school system and community, are insured and bonded, and we love dogs!

Penny's Dog Walking has experience with a wide variety of dog breeds and sizes, as well as experience with puppies. We walk dogs individually, or in groups of two or three, depending upon dog chemistry and location. Your pet's safety is our highest priority - we will treat your dog as if it were our own.

In addition to enhancing the health and well being of your dog, hiring a dog walker has other benefits!

Someone regularly coming into your home during the hours you are away helps to keep your home safe. Having extra eyes and ears in your neighborhood to notice when anything is amiss helps to make your community a safer place to live.

Having someone who will clean up the overflowing crockpot on your counter, bring your packages inside when it's raining, and someone you can call to rescue you when you've locked yourself out of your house are all ways Penny's Dog Walking can help you rest easier. We're here for you!

All our walkers are local residents, and we love the feeling of community this job brings! We are helping friends and neighbors with their dogs, and really enjoy the relationships we have with our dog families!

Give us a call today to check on availability,

and start improving your dog's quality of life - and your own!